Villa 1 Crescendo

Villa 1 Crescendo

Villa 1 Crescendo

Villa 1 Crescendo

The Crescendo House is an L-shaped house that focuses the view in two directions, south and west, while allowing for 180 degree views in the living areas and master suite. Panoramic, floor-to-ceiling sliding doors using extra thin but sturdy frames allow minimal interruption of the views.

SEA Side

The oversized sliding windows let large amounts of light into the house, while strategically calculated (and spectacular!) floating overhangs protect the interior from excessive sun exposure. The central core of the house consists of an impressive double-height living area, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling sliding windows that allow for a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience.

Sea side

A water feature, immediately before the living room, cools the airflow that enters the house; and the 56 x 23 ft. (±17x7m.) infinity pool comes complete with a shallow “lagoon” area where you can relax on sun loungers with your feet in the water. In the evening, the multi-coloured LED lighting creates the most magical effects. This can be made even more spectacular with the installation of a gas or ethanol fireplace at the edge of the water feature.


The house is constructed with high class materials and the best design available in the market.

This allows relatively thin walls compared to walls with similar insulation qualities but with commonly used insulation materials. Given a sturdy aerated concrete wall on the inside, the look and feel are that of a concrete house, but with much better insulation and constructional qualities. Together with a reinforced concrete basement and foundation, the house is designed to last almost without maintenance.

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Union Island has become one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the world. Anyone can learn in the safest environment with great certified instructors on a beautiful location. Hire a speed boat and visit all the other Grenadines islands. Whether you ever dreamt of getting your diving certificate or simply going for a beginner dive in the crystal waters of the Grenadines, the island offers several dives for different levels. The SUP (Stand Up Paddle) tours allow you to explore the south coast line of Union Island in a quiet and refreshing way. Hiking around the island is a great way to discover its landscape and most stunning views.

The Caribbean

Union Island is part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is an independent sovereign state of the Caribbean and part of the Commonwealth of Nations and the Windward Islands. The country’s closest neighbours are Grenada to the south, St. Lucia, Mustique and St. Vincent to the north and Barbados to the east.