The house is constructed with high class materials and the best design available in the market.

The combination of materials, design and the use of PV panels allows the house to be almost energy neutral or even produce more energy than is used. Moreover, the materials are cradle-to-cradle, which means that the environmental impact is close to zero. The walls have an outer layer that can be decorated in any way you would like: brownstone, wood, plaster or metal. For the design of the house, we have chosen plaster because of the good resistance to weather conditions and the reflection of sunlight, adding to the tropical design.

The inside of the construction is built with strong steel beams, which makes the house resistant to storms and hurricanes as well as earthquakes. Of course, the construction and the materials cannot be adversely affected by animals (rodents and insects), which would be the case with other choices of materials.

The Caribbean

Union Island is part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is an independent sovereign state of the Caribbean and part of the Commonwealth of Nations and the Windward Islands. The country’s closest neighbours are Grenada to the south, St. Lucia, Mustique and St. Vincent to the north and Barbados to the east.