Masterplan Modern Villas

Spacious open living and masterful views are at the center of modern design in a limited collection of 4 exclusive villas on Campbell Beach in Union Island. One main road leads to the entrance of the villas.

The 4 villas on Campbell Beach are created by European architecture power house Modern Villas. They are specialists in high-end modern villa design, using a wealth of European luxury features seldom seen in the Caribbean.

Villa 1, design Crescendo, at the top of the peninsula and all but
surrounded by the sea, will be the largest at approximately 5,500 sq.ft². of living space and additional ocean frontage.

Villas 2, 3 and 4 are smaller in size with approximately 4,500 sq.ft². of living space per villa.

The Caribbean

Union Island is part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is an independent sovereign state of the Caribbean and part of the Commonwealth of Nations and the Windward Islands. The country’s closest neighbours are Grenada to the south, St. Lucia, Mustique and St. Vincent to the north and Barbados to the east.